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just_stay_g0ld's Journal

Ok so Hi. My name Is Erika and my username is just_stay_g0ld cause 'stay gold' is like my favourite quote u can find that quote in the book called the outsiders(♥) So yeah, Im Erika some people call me Rik but u can call me whatever u want. I like playing sports(♥) when I'm bored I write poems and stories although the writing a story part, i kind a failed cause every time i write something, i wasn't able to finish it. u know. I like meeting new people as long as they're nice and outgoing and FUNNY! lol. I love funny people. Im actually kind a funny. :D i like to laugh and laugh and just laugh. I want to have a loyal boyfriend and friends. If u ask me, If i rather be popular or have 1 or 2 loyal friends, i would choose the second option cause i don't actually care about popularity. I was always the follower not the leader. i don't always follow or do whatever my friends do, i do whatever the hell i want. LOL. Uhmm, i want to be BE-YOO-TII-FOOL. Like super HOT. Ok Im average but i want to be SUPER hot. like megan fox. LOL. In my dreams. So yeah, that's me. About my journal, i just post stuff such as my poems/stories and all the stuff i like. i also post some of stuff thats happening in my life. not that interesting actually. lOL. So yeah. This is ME. I maybe weird or not ur type, but trust me, I like myself and u should too. Yeahh.. I guess i should like go. BYE.